"Powerful magical tools for the Witch & Occultist, Sorcerous Services to exalt your life."

At Devil's Conjure, We strive to create & offer only the most potent magical products designed with the witch & sorcerer in mind, each formulated with only the highest quality materia, ritually consecrated according to tradition, to serve your purposes, & aid you to direct your own will! 

For clients who require the magical helping hand & counsel of a Professional Sorcerer, We offer the Sorcerer-For-Hire Retainer Service, which grants you full access to all of my services including Ritual Magic, Divination, and One-on-One Magical Coaching for Thirty days to One year.

You can email Devilsconjure@yahoo.com to book a consult, inquire about services & products, etc.

Meet the Devil

Adam Darkly

The Devil himself

Adam Darkly has always had a trickstery side, much like a sacred clown. He has spent the last 10+ years knee deep in rootwork & ceremonial magic, conjuring the dead & commanding goetic powers.

Via Devil's Conjure, He offers magical materia dedicated to the Powers of Heaven & Hell, To the starry & planetary spirits, angels & gods, elemental beings, to the Hags, Fae, Devils, Dead, spirits of the land and underworld, and beyond. Their pneuma & spirit pulse within each ritual anointing oil, like a heartbeat in each amulet or charm, a living vessel & home for these kindred spirits & ancient allies.

Beyond his wicked creations, His Sorcerer-for-Hire Retainer Service is what he has built a world-wide reputation around. Adam helps clients daily to liberate themselves, to break hexes & blockages to success, to expand wealth & open doorways to opportunity, land promotions or gain the favor of those in high positions, to level-up their own magical practice, and much more.